US Flag Burning Ceremony – One Brave Soul Steps Into This Crowd

He was by himself.  He had no self defense tool.  The police were not there. It was a crowd who thought they could just burn the U.S. Flag as a demonstration of their own selfishness, having no regard for others whatsoever. This brave soul was outnumbered and he might have realized afterwards that he could have been trampled by this crowd.  It didn’t matter. The United States Flag is a symbol of this country’s liberty whom others died to gain for us.  It is treason with severe penalties to burn our flag.

US Flag Burning Ceremony – One Brave Soul Steps Into This Crowd

He brought with him only a fire extinquisher.  His passion was visible.  His determination unquenchable.  He was a Patriot and a Veteran who, no doubt fought beside friends and other brave souls that didn’t make it home like him.

Watch the video now!

We salute this young man and stand at attention for what he stood up for on our behalf as citizens of free nation as well as all our Veterans and Military Personnel stationed around the world.

“Thank you” and may others be strengthened by your act of courage to do the same in like manner.

Here are reasons for respecting our Flag.

Stand strong against such ignorance!



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