Training Children to Save Lives

Parenting is all about raising kids and training them in sports or music and many other wonderful things in life. But can a very young child actually be trained to respond appropriately to an emergency? Can children save lives?

Chloe is five years old and learned what to do in an emergency because of hearing a song about “calling 911” on a field trip to the Fire Station with her school. Living in New Jersey with her parents and older sister, Chloe calls 911 quickly when she realized her mother was choking and couldn’t talk.  She picks up the phone and dials 911 and thinks the man on the other end is her Daddy coming to help her Mommy.

Training Children to Save Lives

Teaching Kids is a Big Part of Life

This is a perfect example of how impressionable and responsive even young children can be in an emergency situation, especially if they’ve been taught “what to do”.

In fact, isn’t it the responsible parent who trains or pays for the training of their children in many different areas of life.

Personal training/strength & conditioning, for children is not about keeping them busy, it’s about improving performance & more importantly, preventing injury.

?Personal/strength training to prepare kids for sport. | The Spot Athletics

From the first moment you hold your infant in your arms a parent cherishes moments of sharing wonderful new discoveries with their little one.  Watching youngsters grow from potty training to speaking their first words to reading and writing in school to sports and music is the beginning of family bonding for a lifetime. After all, exposing children to all the exciting possibilities they can become involved in and enjoy throughout life is a parent’s best dream come true.

Dealing With Stress

But as adults, we know the world is not always a pleasant and safe place to be so we look for opportunities to help our children relieve the stress that can build up and harm them over time.

A new study suggests a particular type of mental training can help to reduce stress and depression among school age children. UK researchers found that.

?Mindfulness Training Helps School Kids Relieve Stress | Psych

There’s also a special Book that reads:

We live in this world, but we don’t act like criminals or fight our battles with the weapons of this world. Instead, we use God’s power that can destroy fortresses. We destroy arguments and every bit of pride that keeps anyone from knowing God. We capture our bad thoughts so we are free to obey Christ.  2 Corinthians 10:3-5

What does it mean?  Non-criminals aren’t looking for a fight but will use their weapons to defend ourselves, if necessary. What makes the difference between a criminal and non-criminal is their “thought” life. When kids trust their parents they’re more readily accepting of corrections and suggestions that allow for “thought life” adjustments which translates into happier, more well-behaved individuals. Okay, enough of my conceptual theories but we can all agree that building and keeping trust between parents and children has a vital role in how their thoughts and lives turn out?

Building and Keeping Trust

Why did Chloe trust the information she received at the Fire Station enough to act on what she heard the minute she experienced an emergency? The Fire Station and the school were all connected to her parents’ trust to send her to these establishments to experience learning on many different levels.  While expressing this concept takes longer to type and read, parents know it takes a lot longer time to develop and maintain such a trust level with their children, especially during the teen  years; yet, it can take just a few seconds to lose it all.

Bonding As A FamilyTraining Children

What ways are parents finding to bond with their children today that actually fill a need as well as helping them develop skills for a lifetime?  What skills can parents teach their children that could actually save a life?

One family goes to the shooting range weekly to bond as a family. Check out The Family That Shoots Together Stays Together. In fact, the children declare themselves that their greatest enjoyment of shooting is spending time at the range with mom and dad.

Moms and Guns asked parents on FacebookWhat is the number one question your kids ask about guns?”  Here are some of their answers:

  • Mom, when can we go shooting again? (while we are still at the range)
  • Is it my turn to shoot yet?
  • When can I get a new gun?

We asked what caliber guns the kids were shooting?

  • .22 rifle
  • shotgun
  • 9 mm
  • BB gun

“All with supervision, of course”, added one Mom.

We further inquired what it is the kids liked best about shooting?Training Children

  • It’s fun.
  • They love seeing they’re improvement.
  • Mom and Dad time

Since birth, moms and dads of all cultures, race and religion seek to help their children excel learning new things.  Learning to shoot a gun safely and legally empowers children and even vulnerable,former victims to live life more freely and confidently because they exchange fear with knowledge.  It has even been observed that children taught to shoot a gun by a loving parent does not end up on the wrong side of the law making statements of violence in the street. What better way to show your child you love them than teaching them how to defend themselves so they can live life free from fear?

A Biblical Perspective

Some would argue that we shouldn’t fear but we should also leave defense up to others like the police or military. Other words, we should place our total dependence on government when, in fact, the Bible depicts a different stance found in Nehemiah 4:14-17:

14  Then I looked things over and told the leaders, the officials, and the rest of the people, “Don’t be afraid of your enemies! The Lord is great and fearsome. So think of him and fight for your relatives and children, your wives and homes!”

15  Our enemies found out that we knew about their plot against us, but God kept them from doing what they had planned. So we went back to work on the wall.
16  From then on, I let half of the young men work while the other half stood guard. They wore armor and had spears and shields, as well as bows and arrows. The leaders helped the workers 17  who were rebuilding the wall. Everyone who hauled building materials kept one hand free to carry a weapon. 

It is never wrong to empower your family, especially your children, to be able to stand up and defend themselves.  It is negligent, and tragic, however, to stow a loaded gun in your home without properly training each person – individually – in gun safety.

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