What Do Our Students Have to Say About Our Classes?

The Moms and Guns class I took with Rebecca was a perfect combination of knowledge, shooting practice and fun!

My first firearm class was soooo boring and full of men which meant we didn’t discuss the critical issues a woman deals with to carry and use a weapon.

With Rebecca, we addressed the specific issues facing women vs men in handling a firearm, carrying a firearm, mental preparedness AND what to do in the aftermath of actually having to use your weapon.  She gave us resources to find the supplies, accessories and people we need to move forward with our CCW.  I never got any of that with my other firearm class.

I walked away completely comfortable that I could: make better judgment calls on using my weapon, aim and fire more accurately, carry more comfortably and most importantly, not make any excuses for why I choose to carry. 

Rebecca not only helped me improve, she helped me reconcile my feelings about carrying (and using) firearms in a world where there is a lot of resistance to being granted our 2nd Amendment rights.

THANK YOU!  I’m telling everyone I know about your classes – and I marked more classes that I want to take!

Aprille Trupiano
International Expert on Business

“The education and training I received at the conceal and carry class has opened my eyes to HOW VERY IMPORTANT IT IS that we learn to defend ourselves and loved ones. To be smart and prepared for adverse situations that can come up in our homes or out in a public place, it doesn’t matter to a intruder/criminal. Thank you Rebecca for the VALUABLE info and training. I will be telling all my loved ones about this class. We want our grand children to take the kids class next !”

Maddy – Warrenton

I took two classes from Rebecca and I highly recommend them. She is an organized, dedicated teacher who makes her classes interesting and informative. She teaches important self defense skills to women in an enjoyable, non-intimidating setting.

Sandy – St Charles

Very informative – Pleasant atmosphere – Full of updated information – Extremely Diversified………Nothing short of praising. I have passed your info and website onto many women with and with out a family unit. I am excited to see that Terri is wanting to get into your “What do Women What” class!!! 

T.F. – Marthasville

Moms & Guns CCW Class

Rebecca was wonderful.  She made me feel right at home.  Everything was explained completely.  When I asked questions she took the time to explain the answer without making me feel inadequate.  I highly recommend to all women who want to have their CCW permit to come to Rebecca’s class.  She is extremely knowledgeable with the laws and gun safety.  I am leaving this class a lot more confident about gun safety and definitely more comfortable in reading and comprehending MO CCW laws.  Thank you, Rebecca

Deanna – Warrenton, MO

From the first moment you walk into Rebecca’s class room until the last goodbye at the shooting range, you will feel Rebecca’s sincere love for God and for her students.  You will gain knowledge about the laws and about the guns.  You will feel comfortable – even if you walk in knowing nothing.  You will gain confidence and be blessed by the time spent in the Moms & Guns’ class.

Diane F. – Warrenton

I gave long and prayerful consideration as to which CCW class to attend prior to signing up with Rebecca. I definitely made the RIGHT choice attending this training. Rebecca presented the information in a fun, easy to learn format, she is dedicated to teaching women how to protect themselves and to respect their guns, not fear them. I HIGHLY recommend this class. I look forward to attending more of her training classes to become even more proficient in self-defense. Thank you Rebecca for caring for women and placing special focus on working with us to alleviate our fears and make us stronger and self- assured.

Cheryl R. – Warrenton, MO

It was a great team building class for our team.  It empowered them to take action if needed to and gave them the confidence to handle situations they may encounter.  With this ever changing world I want the people who are most important to me to be safe.

Tina – Warrenton, MO

Rebecca is an awesome instructor!  She gave me a lot more information than my original CCW class.  It is really geared more for us ladies and I hope to take more classes with her very soon! Thank you, Rebecca & Bill!

Kelly – Warrenton, MO

Environment is everything to me.  The environment this class gives off is one towards a more relaxed environment with extensive knowledge on the topics of safety and maintenance.

Rebecca – Warrenton, MO

I wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed your class. You are a terrific instructor that made my class so fun but yet very interesting and informative! I would highly recommend you to all my contacts! Thank you for being an awesome instructor !

D. V. – Wentzville

I came to class for awareness.  I don’t own a gun and had never owned one – but after this class I am going to rethink that. Good teacher – loving – patient – willing to assist us to make us comfortable! A MUST TAKE class!  Thank you!

Cindy C. – Troy, MO

There were so many positives about this class.  First, I want to mention the physical lay-out of the room.  The tables are arranged so all can see.  At each place was a bottle of water, packaged snacks and a lap robe.  The chairs had cushioned seats and there was a separate heater.  Everything was arranged for comfort for optimum learning.  Secondly, our instructor was very enthusiastic.  Rebecca has complete knowledge of the legal issues and there were several unloaded guns on display.  Each of us received our own booklet to take home.  She was thorough in answering any questions. 

What impressed me the most was the subject matter covered.  Of course there were the legal issues, but more importantly, safety issues.  We were taught to leave before an incident occurred.  We were also taught several safety issues for us to be aware of while in public.  Rebecca also discussed the post-trauma of a shooting and volunteered to become our advocate.  I was extremely impressed with the thoroughness of the day. The course given by Rebecca is more than complete.  It is over and above guns.  It was the complete package.

Patricia ~ Warrenton, MO

Rebecca is very relatable.  The class is so comfortable to ask questions and share fears.  The information was great and real life.  I highly recommend this class to ANY woman!

Christina R. – Troy, MO

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