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Young Girl Causes Politician Shock Over Gun Control

It’s amazing how articulate this young lady is when addressing the gun violence issue with politicians and their desire for stricter gun control laws.

She speaks very candidly about her shooting club experiences since she was 8 years old and the variety of firearms she has become skilled to handle.  She further states that the gun control agenda could have deprived her of a valuable future. Find out just why these politicians mouths dropped by the time she completed her speech.

Don’t be fooled by her youth.  She’s a strong activist for gun rights and speaks very clearly her mind concerning the Constitution of the United States with regards to her self-protection, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Further she bangs home their agenda to purge society from violence can’t be done through their gun control legislation.

It’s so refreshing to hear a young person who clearly understands the 2nd Amendment and her rights as an individual raised in this country speak up for herself and countless others on this widely debated subject.

It appears that allowing children to train to shoot guns and compete not only gives them a sense of well-being to handle their own personal protection but it enables them to think for themselves about the freedoms enjoyed and what the liberties of this country have afforded them.

This speech is not just about nailing the gun violence issue and the gun control agenda but it’s about watching our young people find themselves to stand up and speak for what they believe in.

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