2nd Amendment

They Laughed At This Mom Until . . .


What happened to these citizens and why?

Now, let’s get these facts straight:

USSR – 1917-1987 – 61,911,000
Germany – 1933-1945 – 20,946,000
Japan – 1936 – 1945 – 5,964,000
Western Colonialism (Combined) – 50,000,000
Cambodia 1975-1979 – 2,035,000 (Funded by the U.S.A.)
China (PRC) 1949-1987 – 76,702,000
Turkey 1909-1918 – 1,883.000
Vietnam 1945-1987 – 1,670,000
North Korea 1948 – 1987 – 1,663,000
Poland 1945-1948 – 1,585,000
Pakistan 1958-1987 – 1,503,000
Mexico (Look it Up!)

These numbers represent individual people who were buried, lost their lives to mass graves – due to this single worst enemy.

Others may laugh at you for learning to defend your family but when the times get tough and the danger comes, those who laugh will:

  • be shocked into realizing the horrible truth
  • be motivated to change their mindset immediately
  • jump off the fence to quickly side with those who can defend their life
  • stand behind your ability to defend them, too!


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