2nd Amendment

Socialists Want to Discard The 2nd Amendment

Everyone knows there is turmoil in our nation today.  Mothers of young children seek answers to defend themselves and their homes – and with great skill, I might add!

Discard The 2nd Amendment Because it is Outdated?

Many know the importance of our 2nd Amendment and other rights afforded us through our U.S. Constitutional Amendments.   Most have an understanding of the answers to these questions:

  • Could the Founding Fathers, who wrote the 2nd Amendment 200 years ago, possibly imagine firearms in the hands of civilians and criminals of this era?
  • Could they have been completely blinded in securing the fundamentals of society security based on their own experience?
  • Is the 2nd Amendment outdated?

But the bottom line is, we must ready ourselves and our children with a calm, strong resolve to answer socialist society concerning the battle for America

Moms understand the fundamental threats to our family security in today’s society. Watch the video now . . .

Not So Hidden Agendas

The thought behind saying “the 2nd Amendment is outdated or discarded” is to remove a “free” people from the equation of life in general.

If civilians didn’t have firearms to protect themselves, then tyranny of big government will subdue the people, or nation, under their totalitarian rule. Do our Moms see any signs of this happening in our day?

The 2nd Amendment wasn’t a blind mistake the Founding Fathers floundered to create.  They knew all too well the mindset of tyranny and governments whose only desire is to subdue the nation leaving men and women and children helpless to defend themselves.

The “Accident-Fatalities” Argument

Yes, there are accidents from automobiles, electricity, hot stoves and firearms but you never see the government going after the rights of the people to drive their cars, turn on their lights or cook their food.

Today’s patriotic mom realizes the truth behind such manipulative verbiage.  When one argument doesn’t successfully stand up against others in the same category, such as “accidents” or “mass shootings”, then there’s usually a hidden agenda to sway mindsets toward a dangerous alternative.


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