2nd Amendment

If the 2nd Amendment is Outdated . . .

Laughter is King! Grab a cup of coffer (or tea) and prepare to chuckle at some ridiculous thoughts concerning the Amendments of the United States Constitution.

If the 2nd Amendment is Outdated . . . then so is the 1st and the 4th and the 13th and…

No one enjoys dieting but knows it is necessary to maintain a healthy balance for life.  It’s no different for big government and you can just feel the screams for more food on their plate with these excuses for dismissing our ….

…..great Amendments to the United States Constitution.  And remember, when one eats too much, there is the after affect of bloating, digestive cramps, miserable weight gain and . . .the other person gets the crumbs. NOT ON OUR WATCH!

Watch the video now!

Why would any American think our Amendments were outdated?  The Amendments are the weight loss program for big government.  Wouldn’t you agree?


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