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Big Eyes Is Watching You… everywhere

There is so much distrust in the world today and rightfully so.  There are multiple avenues our daily  liberties and freedoms are being thwarted that we don’t even think about.  We love our social media and internet interactions.  We thrive on technology and business marketing through the internet.  We even write personal and business letters through email on a regular basis.

Big Eyes Enters Your Home Privacy This Way

Yet while we enjoy and become accustomed to routine practices using and convenience technology brings into our lives on a daily basis, big eyes is watching gathering information about us like this…..

You say, ” if we have nothing to hide, then what’s the big deal?”  Well, let’s think about it a minute.  If our freedoms and liberties are dwindling to the point we can “talk” about our faith or our choices “not” to service certain groups in our bakery, what other private information  could be used against us if we dared disagree with big eyes?

If our gun rights are the major threat against a tyrannical government taking over, what information might you NOT want transferred into big eyes’ data system.

Just what is this data system?  Good question.

  • How about a smart meter for your car so your whereabouts is tractable?
  • How about specific registration of the consumption of each individual, plus a record and description of the individual?
  • How about former president Obama sifting an existing database to find specific answers relating to race and diversity issues?

The scope of data mining revealed includes information on healthcare, housing, home loans, credit cards, employment and education. Other sources (i.e., Ed Snowden’s revelations on NSA spying) reveal massive data collections of all emails, phone calls, text and chat messages, social media activity, vehicle license plate readers, facial recognition and energy consumption (via Smart Grid/Smart Meters).

But don’t take our word for it. You can read more on this subject here.

What is the immediate concern?  Other words, what’s new on the scene that brings this subject to the forefront on this blog?


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