2nd Amendment

A New Look At Gun Control Solutions

After still another mass shooting, guns remain the biggest problem to some who, no doubt, are unwilling or incapable of seeing the truth for what it really is.

Listen as Bill Whittle creates a clear message stating that though guns clearly have no mind, will or emotions and can not possible get up on their own to change locations or decide which person(s) to shoot, guns are still more dangerous than knives, rocks or clubs. What you probably have never heard is Whittle’s reason for the phenomenal danger in guns….

This you’ve got to hear…


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  • You are too young to carry to start with. Beyond that, whenever you have a qustoien that the answer can make you spend some time in prison, don’t go to yahoo answers to get it. Call the colorado game and fish or whatever it’s called down there and ask someone who actually knows.Some states prohibit having a firearm while archery hunting, but most do allow it since the prohibition infringes upon constitutional rights. WY for example, now allows you to carry during archery season.

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