2nd Amendment

Get This Angle of Protection Needed Against Firearm Confiscation


Government strategic intellistreets will lead to . . .

  •  Loss of firearm ownership thus weakening the final backbone of our country – it’s people
  •  Loss of the Constitution of the United States
  •  Loss of liberty, freedom and the pursuit of happiness

Did you pick up on the part of the Intellistreets video that they passively admit that this is a surveillance and data mining tool? The program, like so many programs that violate the Fourth and Fifth Amendment of the Constitution, are adding to your personal threat matrix data base.


Are you and your family already on the list?  With this type government ruling, no one is safe from conviction based on whether they like you – or not!

You really need to arm yourself with more information about Professor Hu’s findings.

Check with your local Sheriff to see how committed to the U.S. Constitution he/she is.  Then formulate and ask your questions!

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