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You Won’t Believe Why Gun Sales Hit Record Highs

This year alone gun sales in the U.S. have been record breaking!  In spite of Obama’s  efforts to make gun sales more difficult, the citizens of the USA continue to  exercise their freedom of commerce in a capitalist economy,  freedom of the right to bear arms and the freedom of speech.

You Won’t Believe Why Gun Sales Hit Record Highs

Some think that people are panicking, and that may be the case…  but I wouldn’t call it ‘panic.’  When we think our freedoms are being threatened, we tend to take precautions to protect those freedoms.

If you value the constitution and the amendments set in place from the beginning, this might be a good time to join the ranks of gun owners.  If you wonder if there is a ‘need’ just spend a little time perusing this blog and past articles.  But whatever you do, watch this…..



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