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Woman Defends Herself Against This Unusual But Deadly Weapon


You’re going about your day as usual.  You pull up to an ATM machine to conduct your business when a  man with a strange weapon threatens you. What do you do? What can you do?

…A woman told officers as she was withdrawing money from the ATM at the Conway National Bank branch in Socastee when a man approached her truck’s window, showed her a large needle, and demanded she give him money. She told police he threatened to inject her with the needle.

The woman told police she  pulled out her handgun and stuck it in the suspects face saying “I dare you to stab me!”

Here’s more on that story….

This startling situation could have turned deadly quickly if this woman wasn’t carry personal protection within her car.  Note, because she was attacked while still sitting in her car these two facts are true:

  • It’s challenging to shoot from a sitting position, especially from inside a car
  • She didn’t need a permit (in most states) to have the gun with her in the car

It was very dangerous of her to stick the gun out the window into his face, though.  If his hands had not been occupied with the needle, he could have grabbed the gun out of her hands and used it on her;  although, she could have hit the accelerator and sped off at that point.

One interesting point was that the suspect asked her if she would “really” use the gun on him.  Then all we’re told is that he “ran off”.  Sometimes your best defense is making the suspect believe you mean business and won’t hesitate to pull the trigger, if necessary.

We’re certainly glad the lady handled this situation successfully.  As always, when you hear the news or read of any incident involving a threat to your life, as any conceal carrier, role play with the story and be sure you have a plan to counter the attack so you and your family come out alive.


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