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“What Defense Gun is Right for Mom?”


No two individuals are the same though they may be the same gender.  No two cars are identical though they may come off an assembly line.  No two guns are alike in the way they feel and function for you.

The Simple Solution to “What Defense Gun is Right for Mom?”

Nor are two women going through the exact same issues in life.  One lady may be pregnant with her first child while another is already raising three children at various ages, while, still another, is grandmother to twelve gorgeous kids.  Seasons come and go just like changes in your life.

And the type of gun you carried as a single girl in college will change when you marry and have kids.  And the type of gun you carried as a mother will change yet again when you become a grandmother.

For now, let’s discover all the aspects of helping moms with toddlers choose the right handgun for herself …..

What makes a good (and safe) defense gun for moms with toddlers? Why is the ‘best’ gun not always the best for you? Let’s explore these questions to help you determine what is the right gun for you.

Despite what many husbands, store clerks, and gun ‘experts’ may say, no one can tell you what is the best gun for you. Every mother and her family is different. Are you tall, short, or in between? Pear-shaped or hourglass? Do you have one gentle little girl or three, non-stop, rough and tumble boys?

What’s the Goal for Handgun Selection?

Every mom has one ultimate purpose – to raise and protect her family – but each of us does it in our own way and with our own style. And every gun has one ultimate purpose for moms – to shoot a bullet and help protect our family. Guns, like moms, come in a seemingly infinite array of styles, sizes & colors. The vast number of options can be confusing and overwhelming – revolver or pistol? .380 or 9mm? Double Action or Single Action? the thumb safety, trigger safety, or no safety? black, pink, or pearl?

We train the women who attend our classes that the goal in selecting a firearm is to get the largest caliber you can shoot accurately and that you can and will carry at all times. Hitting the bad guy with a .22lr is much better than missing him with a .357 magnum. Having a small .380 with you is much more important than having a full-size 9mm you left at home because it was too heavy to carry.

 The big challenge for finding the right ‘mommy gun’… 

The overriding criteria in our search for a ‘mommy gun’ was finding one that was bad for the perp but safe for our little guy if he or she should get ahold of it.

Our initial thought was a Double Action revolver. The small hands and weak fingers of a small child would not be able to properly hold and work the long hard trigger pull of most revolvers. After all the Double Action trigger is considered a built-in safety.

Then we realized a two-year-old was not going to hold the gun properly or pull the trigger like an adult. He would use both hands to hold the gun and two or more fingers to pull the trigger.

What’s the solution?

A Double Action pistol with a thumb safety – two obstacles for toddlers but that are easily handled by moms. We ruled out Single Action pistols with a thumb safety because should the safety inadvertently be left off it would be far too easy for a small child to pull the trigger.

For suggestions on specific handguns that work well for moms, check out our article:
9 Best Guns for Moms with Toddlers


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