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[Video] Quiet Loner Apartment Tenant Applauded By Neighbors

These neighbors were so grateful to this one lone tenant?  What was the apartment complex tenants afraid of and how did this one man stand up for them all?

No one wants to be “the one” to stand up to 3 home invaders but with so much mischief going on at the complex, the man refused to be a victim and stood his ground.  He shot one in the head and the other two fled the scene.

The resident told police two suspects busted through an upstairs window at his apartment, so he opened fire. (Photo: KHOU 11)

Several neighbors said they’re glad the tenant took action.

“This man’s asleep in his own house, and then someone intrudes on his privacy. Yes, I would have done the same thing,” said another neighbor.”

You can find out more at KHOU-11 News.


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