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Untrained 13 Year Old Defends Himself During Home Invasion


Home invasions happen all the time, in any state, and in any neighborhood.  No longer is there a typical crime area.  Criminals aren’t picky.  They go and attack where they feel they’ll get the most for their trouble.  Sometimes that’s a low end of town 7-11 store and sometimes that right in your nice, quiet neighborhood.

Untrained 13 Year Old Defends Himself During Home Invasion

This story proves my point.  What I can’t for the life of me comprehend is private messages like this from a person of another country who thinks they know best how to tell Americans how to defend ourselves:



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  • Note the UK enacted its handgun ban in 1996. From 1990 until the ban was enacted, the homicide rate fluctuated between 10.9 and 13 homicides per million. After the ban was enacted, homicides trended up until they reached a peak of 18.0 in 2003. Since 2003, which incidentally was about the time the British government flooded the country with 20,000 more cops, the homicide rate has fallen to 11.1 in 2010. In other words, the 15-year experiment in a handgun ban has achieved absolutely nothing.
    Ireland banned firearms in 1972. Ireland’s homicide rate was fairly static going all the way back to 1945. In that period, it fluctuated between 0.1 and 0.6 per 100,000 people. Immediately after the ban, the murder rate shot up to 1.6 per 100,000 people in 1975. It then dropped back down to 0.4. It has trended up, reaching 1.4 in 2007.

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