Saving Destinies

Two Important Reasons Every Person Should Carry for Self Defense

“When seconds count, and the police are still minutes away.” That reality has permeated the thoughts of countless citizens whether they were watching a TV show, movie or experiencing the dangers of criminal attack right in their own living room.

Two Important Reasons Every Person Should Carry for Self Defense

Yes, police are the experts, and their job is to protect life and property.  I have two brothers who are officers of the law in a different state doing detective work currently and they are both really good at their jobs! I just found out that my older brother just solved a cold case in his area that plagued the entire community for years.  I’m so proud of him.  But on most occasions, police officers are simply not close enough to prevent tragedy.

There are different reasons to take responsibility and carry personal defense firearms. There are logical and practical reasons to become prepared to protect yourself.  But even more thought provoking is the moral argument for carrying and protecting yourself.  This is an engaging and introspective interview everyone needs to hear.



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