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This Mom Never Thought Her Child Would Play With A Real Gun

This Mom has got to be the most courageous, well-adjusted person ever.  Her young daughter found a gun at a relative’s home and picked it up.  In light of this tragic accident, Mom bravely speaks of her mistake with such grace even though she’s in the midst of medical issues and financial stress.

This Mom Never Thought Her Child Would Play With A Real Gun

Find out what creative alternatives this Mom is using to defray the pressure of her situation as well as what her daughter has to say about hospital food. This is a refreshing story of courage, gratefulness and determination that is sure to win your heart over.

One note to older firearm owners.  If your gun is not of a newer, manufactured model with “drop” safety features, you might want to put it away, unloaded, and purchase a more current model for your family’s protection.  There are a lot of older guns that will fire when dropped.

This Mom’s fundraiser event engaging educational warnings and tips to other parents about firearm safety is productive for herself as well as her own community.  Being able to talk freely about mistakes and take full responsibility to make the appropriate changes in your life to prevent other mistakes goes further to heal and correct this type situation than sitting in an emotional pool waiting for a politician to sweep you up and use your story to pad their agendas.

Join us in celebrating this Mom’s healthy perspective and grateful heart by SHARING this article with other parents.  The best thing we can do is support this Mom and get “her story” out for the good of others.


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