Saving Destinies

What The Kids Did To This Car Thief Is Amazing….


Well, this mother didn’t have to do all the saving herself because – surprisingly, her 10 year old jumped to the rescue, too! Watch what happens….

What an incredible scene!

So what can we take away from this scenario?  Just because a criminal is acting out doesn’t mean you just sit and watch him/her.  You always have options.  The key is learning and thinking about those options prior to something like this happening.


First, if you must leave your car (and yes, with kids in it as long as they’re in clear view) make sure you LOCK all doors and take the keys with you.  Car thieves are always lurking, watching and waiting for that moment to pounce. Don’t make yourself an easy target by leaving doors unlocked and keys in the ignition.  Even if the perp smashed the windshield to gain entrance to a locked car, and hot-wired the car to start up – it gives your kids that extra 3-5 seconds to get out before the car starts moving.

Side Note: Be sure your 2 minutes inside the store will never turn into 5 or 10 on a hot summer day where kids can become ill from the heat.


This mom seemed totally amazed at her daughter’s instinctive behavior which makes me think they didn’t have a formal conversation about “what to do if” this or that happens.  So we can’t be sure if the little girl just watched enough television that gave her some quick recognition of a crime in progress or if she was endowed with the gift of quick, instinctive response.  Who knows?  The good news is she responded – and accurately – literally saving herself and her sibling’s life.

We trust the authorities will catch the car thief quickly and be brought to justice.

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Featured image by Joe Goldberg on Flickr entitled “Aaron Pumping Gas”.

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