Saving Destinies

These 3 Elements Literally Saved His Life But One Thing Did Go Wrong

First, he had a quick sense that this guy wasn’t simply asking for directions because of the way he was pounding on his door.

Next, he was quick to draw his personal protection firearm from his sitting position – which isn’t the easy thing to do.

Third, he was able to turn in his seat to point his handgun in a way that made the perpetrator think twice about robbing him.

These are the 3 things he had going for him to stop this threat.  However, did you catch the part he did wrong?  What type muscle memory does he need to develop to prevent this trigger problem again?

The perpetrator had his own problems trying to pull this robbery off.  First, he didn’t bank on the car seats being so close together causing him trouble getting his handgun out of his pocket. Next, it appears he’d never thought about how difficult it would be for him to draw his gun inside a car from a lefty perspective.  No wonder he fled quickly.

There is no scenario so pat we can all glean the exact moves necessary to survive. Criminal attacks not develop in the moment but they’re evolving over time to be more calculated and dangerous, especially when drugs are involved.  In this story, he recalls how he realized the guy wasn’t just going to ask him for directions by his body language.  However, today’s criminals would use just a ruse to ask directions, gain your trust and then pounce with their true agenda against you.

What plot can you imagine would happen differently to this story and how would you respond?  Role-playing is a critical part of staying safe in today’s society.

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