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The Real War on Women is All About . . .

When I was a little girl I remember asking my mom if detectives on TV were real.  Other words, were the mystery stories just stories or are their real cops and robbers out there I’ll have to deal with some day.  She just looked at me and smiled.  I don’t remember her ever flat out saying yes or no.  Soon afterward I came to the conclusion they were very much real though some of the stories were probably made up.  Poor mom, if she’d told me “no”, she’d been lying.  If she’d told me “yes” then I’d be worried about something I didn’t have the means to do anything about – at the time.

I understand well the dilemma parents face when it comes to conveying to our children just what is and is not true from Hollywood’s television entertainment.  Yet the issue of good guys and bad guys needs to be addressed as soon as the child can handle the information – before their victimized and forced to deal with it all without empowerment of education.

On television screens across America, Hollywood portrays women as strong and capable – with a gun.  However, it’s a whole different story for women off screen.

The Real War on Women is All About . . .

Watch the video that tells the truth about the real war on women and what one group is doing about it.



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