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The Knock Down Factor – How To Calculate the Stopping Power of Your Gun

There is more to choosing a gun for personal security than simple knock-down power.  Knock down power simply refers to the answer to the question, “Can this gun stop a bad guy?”  The usual way to calculate this is KINETIC ENERGY =1/2MV squared.   WAIT!! Don’t tune us out because this seems ‘technical.’  It’s really quite interesting and also gives you a solid knowledge base for choosing a hand gun.  In this formula M represents the  mass of the bullet, and V represents the velocity of the bullet.  However, sometimes the statistics don’t always translate into real-world actuality.

The Knock Down Factor – How To Calculate the Stopping Power of Your Gun

To address issues  with this formula, John Taylor developed a new formula to help you figure the stopping power of your gun and ammo.  But that’s not all that’s needed to make a wise choice.

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