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The Facts About CCW Holders the Media Leaves Out of the Story


We count on the media to give us the facts about world news.  We are well aware that the media has a more liberal viewpoint than most of our readers, but still, by and large, we would listen and/or read the news expecting a level of veracity that goes with the industry.  But when there are complete facts about CCE that the media leaves out of the story, all we can do is shake our heads and wonder.  Wonder why?

The Facts About CCW Holders the Media Leaves Out of the Story

Why would the name of a hero be left out?  Why would the actions that are a huge part of event be completely ignored? Why does a situation get partially reported?  What really is the motive for simply ignoring the final episode of this event?
And, now, a month later, what’s happening to the participants?  When there are facts about CCW holders the media leaves out of the story they report, we are left to wonder if we really ever do get the big picture?  The story featured on the next page is one of those stories you have to read between the lines, and it’s a crying shame that we must.  Kudos to Jacob Paulsen for showing us the rest of the story.

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