Saving Destinies

Prepared Female Clerk Was Shot But Then Things Turned Around

Some moms say, “I’d have no trouble pulling the trigger to save my children, but I don’t know about shooting to save my own life.”  While that may sound good, it won’t allow you to come home to your children and be there for them if you’re killed.  This female clerk was shot in the stomach at work when a robber insists she empty the register.  But then things turned around fast…..

It’s all about saving lives.  It’s about going home to your family after an honest days work.  It’s about the good guy wining and the bad guy is stopped.

This female clerk was prepared to do what she needed to in order to survive, even after being shot herself.  In our Conceal Carry classes we discuss the possibility of you being shot during an altercation.  If you remain calm and keep doing what is needed you could very well survive the bullet wound.  Some people have died from shock from otherwise non-lethal wounds while others with lethal wounds have lived simply because they determined not to die.

Get prepared, stay calm, use your head and go home to your family tonight!

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