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Open Carry Causes Issues for Moms In These Situations

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Grasping what the criminal is thinking when he chooses to attack a certain individual can help make wiser, split second choices for all of us.  What happened to this man in Walmart with his 3 sons is the fundamental reason moms should never carry their firearm this way.

As he was helping his sons find a batting helmet that fit, he noticed a disheveled man come down the aisle and made eye contact with him several times.


The man picked up a bat from the bat rack, and without warning, drew back and swung it at Mr. Walker’s head with full force.


Unlike most people who would have frozen due to the unexpected nature of the attack, or who would have reflexively recoiled away, Mr. Walker stepped forward into the swing and turned his shoulder into his attacker. His reaction both reduced the force of the blow, and kept his assailant from making a potentially deadly strike to his head.


Mr Walker then stepped back to create distance and drew his open-carried Sig Sauer P226 in .357 Sig, racked the slide the chamber a round (he carries it on an empty chamber), and ordered his attacker to the ground.


The officers never felt compelled to draw their own weapons, treated Mr. Walker with respect, and told him that he did everything right, and showed considerable restraint.


In a personal interview with our friends at Bearing Arms, Mr Walker explains what he took away from this incident and why he will never carry open again.

While “Trevor” never stated specifically why he attacked, the only thing that made sense to Mr. Walker was that Trevor wanted his gun.


Since he practiced it, it was easier to give commands for the suspect to comply with, reducing the possibility that he would have to discharge his weapon.


What Can We Take Away From This Incident?

First, we have encouraged women not to open carry for several reasons.

However, if you live in a state where open carry is legal and everyone in town does it, then you could be pretty well covered by others if someone specifically targeted you for an attack.  In that environment, though, I can’t see a criminal chancing it except for those juiced up on drugs who are not  thinking clearly anyway.  Also, domestic violence situations can escalate to the point they disregard the surroundings to act out their rage  attack.  But again, others in town who are open carriers and witnessing what’s happening would probably come to your aid, if at all possible.  But this is a rare scenario.

The majority of cities and townships across our nation are not unanimously “for” open carry and, as you well know, the debate of carrying a concealed handgun at all is still a huge issue.

For women, it’s even more dangerous to open carry due to the fact you reveal your “last resort” personal protection plan to a criminal who will strike at the area of your firearm first in order to refrain you from drawing. At worst the criminal will try grabbing your firearm to use against you. We strongly believe there is no circumstance that would allow women any upper hand if she carries her firearm openly in public.

What were his kids doing during the attack?

One last thing to mention with regards to Mr Walker’s 3 sons.  Mr. Walker was free to handle the situation completely composed and to sufficient success with no shots was fired.  What were the 3 sons doing during all this?  No doubt, they withdrew to safety and allowed dad the freedom needed to subdue the attacker.  That in itself, is a tribute to mom and dad’s training of the boys in the event of such an attack.

It’s important to talk to your kids, discuss different scenarios and even role play what you can at home so kids grow in their self defense skills right alongside you.

Self-Restraint Pays Off In More Ways Than You Can Imagine

No law-abiding citizen who has chosen to carry concealed for personal defense purposes ever wants to end up shooting anyone.  This scenario had an even greater outcome in that a friend of Trevor’s contacted Mr. Walker and thanked him for his restraint letting him know that Trevor did have mental problems and had never received the care he needed.  Trevor’s friend hoped this incident would be the beginning to getting him proper help.

Wow!  Now that’s a good ending to a potentially deadly situation for both Mr. Walker and Trevor. Now, on to more “ready-preparedness” practice so we can all respond effectively – no matter what happens.

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