Saving Destinies

One Solution Might Prevent A Tragedy Like The Loss of Tamir Rice

We actually have more than one solution to suggest:

  1. One possible solution is that toy gun makers apply the bright orange tips on all toy guns just like manufacturers do for Laser, Airsoft or Pellet guns in such a way they can not be removed or painted over.  Can that be done?
  2. Alert parents upon purchase of a toy gun to train child appropriately in the safety of not removing the orange tips from the toy.  Watch video below.
  3. Be sure to advertise and educate the general public that the “BRIGHT ORANGE TIP” is their clue that the gun is not real.
  4. General public recognizes their need to educate themselves as to true “criminal” behavior, mannerism immediately prior to an attack, before calling 911 and depending on dispatchers to relay the full message of what you’re saying
  5. Police officers park far enough away from a situation to access the person and weapon in question before acting to prevent making a decision in haste that would prove to be tragically irreversible.

Again, society must take responsibility in recognizing a fake gun before they call 911.  Parents must train their children not to remove the protective orange tips from any play gun.


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