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Life Altering Moment


Welcome our Veteran Guest Writer once again with some great thoughts for today.

A Grimm Devotional Thought: ” “LIFE ALTERING MOMENT:

I am not talking about arrogant religious people who throw stones and hide behind their creeds or stained glass sanctuaries. I am not referring to fanatics who take innocent lives in an attempt to crush opposing views. I am looking for those who are willing to SURRENDER!

Moms & Guns - Soldier Bravery Courage

Every Christ Follower who walks confidently has had a defining moment when they experienced a battle for their soul where it can only be describe as the very forces of heaven & hell colliding inside the core of their being. This isn’t some mild mental nod toward God acknowledging His Deity but a decisive moment so life alteringly powerful, Jesus called it being ‘born again’.

When a person goes through this inner battle & makes the absolute decision to follow Christ, it anchors the soul with shouts of victory erupting around God’s Throne sending shockwaves echoing thru the corridors of hell. Something washes over this person & a seal is placed upon them that they themselves knows is irrevocable. From that moment their life is never the same; their prayers have power, their faith is beyond human comprehension and they possess unshakable ‘God-vidence’. They KNOW there has been a change as they can feel it and all of eternity, heaven & hell knows it too. They belong to Christ and Satan knows from that moment on this one is Saved. There is no place left for a rebel to hide. This is TOTAL ABSOLUTE SURRENDER of life, every area of one’s existence, past, present & future, is given up. Every behavior, desire, word and thought is opened to His Inventory with nothing held back.

When this takes place, Christ is first above everything. These of such an enlistment into Christ’s rule are those who human governments fear and dictators want to annihilate.

Give me an Army of these so empowered with TOTAL ABSOLUTE SURRENDER to Christ as LORD & we will see an impact on our lives and families that changes the current course in human history! It has always been this way of those with this LIFE ALTERING MOMENT”


…(HRG TheGrimmDiaries)

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