Saving Destinies

Learn 4 Things About Criminal Minds Revealed In This Double Murder

WARNING: This story is not for younger children or pre-teens to watch or overhear.  This case involved two young people just starting to date and enjoy the possibilities of their future together. Yet they were hijacked by evil.

We sometimes do not understand how evil criminals think and function. The evil blends in where we go. Evil shops where we shop, and evil does many of the same things we do.  It’s possible that someone you see today has an evil heart.  Evil that reaches the heights of criminal behavior is beyond our human comprehension until we learn of a story like this.

Learn 4 Things About Criminal Minds Revealed In This Double Murder

If you already are a licensed gun owner, this story should serve to remind you that we cannot ever become complacent about training for ourselves and our families. We can’t even become casual about the maintenance of our firearms.   We simply cannot forget that our lives are valuable enough to protect.  Gun ownership and consistently carrying a concealed firearm saves lives. This is not living in fear but with a confident state of prepared awareness.

Here’s their story and 4 things you need to know about the criminal mindset. Plus, you’ll learn 7 ways to prevent this from happening to your kids.



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