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How Can A Mom Tell If Her Daughter is Employed Or Trafficked?


You were so proud of your daughter when she came home and told you she got her first job as a nanny making really good money.  The only downside was she would keep some odd hours but you didn’t think anything of it because parents wealthy enough to hire a nanny must work odd hours themselves, right?

After about a month since the job started and fewer instances for you to spend time with your daughter, you look in on her after hearing her in the bedroom and you’re startled at how much weight she’s lost. You also notice the bruises up and down both of her legs.  When you ask her about the bruises, she shrugs you off when her answers apparently don’t satisfy you and she then becomes non-conversational. You know something is really wrong.

The following day your daughter doesn’t show up at a time she said she’d be home so you called her.  She tells you over the phone that her job is requiring her to live on the premise and she’d only be able to call you once in awhile.

You never once imagined  your daughter was a victim of human trafficking.  In fact, you refrain from confronting your daughter further because you can’t really tell if she’s employed or trafficked but there are signs that concern you greatly.

A North Carolina Police Chief addresses the issue of human trafficking in an area he’d never think of it happening.

“If it could happen here it could happen anywhere,” Boiling Spring Lakes Police Chief Brad Shirley said. “It’s not something we would necessarily expect to happen.”


“There are some people that may have a rough home life or maybe come from an abusive relationship,” Shirley said. “They are looking for something, and there are people that take that and exploit it and take advantage of that and promise them the world but offer them nothing.”


“I think the more we have these open discussions, that we’re willing to bring it to light, discuss it with the public, children, our family members,” Shirley said. “It’s a society issue and not just isolated incidents.”


He added that officers in his police department are trained to look out for the signs of human trafficking when responding to calls.

Thanks to WECT News for sharing this police officer’s account with us.

So what are the signs of human trafficking?[nextpagelink][/nextpagelink]

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