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He’s In Love With This Pistol And Here’s Why

Ask anyone who carries what is their favorite gun for concealed carry, and they will tell you… “The … !” (Fill in the blank with the gun they carry.)

He’s In Love With This Pistol And Here’s Why

Obviously a person’s favorite concealed carry gun is the one they choose after a lot of deliberation.  But it’s true!  Ask an owner of this particular pistol and the enthusiasm level is on a whole other plane.

There’s something fiercely loyal about these owners toward these pistols, and with good reason.  In this video one such owner explains some of the arguments for why they consider this pistol to be the absolutely best gun for concealed carry.  And there are some compelling considerations.  If you watch  very many of these videos, you may even find yourself convinced.  Moms And Guns will never tell you what gun you should carry because it is a highly personal decision.  But we do like to ask other people what they carry and why.  Maybe this will help you if you are in that decision making process. We also highly recommend actually handling and shooting the firearm before you buy it.



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