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Gun Free Zones Have These Surprising Ramifications

Nothing gets my dander  up greater than when I realize I’ve been sold a bill of goods when I could have the real deal.  Man, I just don’t like being duped by salesmen, especially, since my options for buying one thing over another ends the minute the sale is completed.  Yet there’s always the option to return the goods for a refund, right? Until I discover the fine print declaring “no refunds”.

Gun Free Zones Have These Surprising Ramifications

It’s sad that those who are staunch believers in gun control  – rationalize that gun free zones is the most reliable fact of personal safety against criminals  – only get one opportunity to test their theory and then – well, it’s too late.

My life and the lives of my family are just too precious to play around with concerning the “gun free zone” mentality.

But what’s new?  We get it.  Most of society weren’t born yesterday and they understand, even if incognito, the craziness of how gun free zones really play out when combined with criminal intent to cause harm. However, there is much more alarming information that’s been hidden from the American public.



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