Saving Destinies

Five Ways to Hide Your Gear In Plain Sight

Survival depends upon having the right knowledge, the right skills and the right gear. But once you have it, how are you going to keep it?  It’s just as important to protect your as it is to have it.  This video shares fun yet effective ways to protect your valuables from thieving criminal intruders.

Five Ways to Hide Your Gear In Plain Sight

This guy presents ways to hide your gear in your house so that it is easily accessible as well as protected. Granted, some of these ideas make getting to your gear or valuables a bit of a challenge.  But that’s not a bad thing if you are looking for safe, secure storage.  Your friends will never even know they are only feet away from a high powered rifle or a couple thousand dollars in cash.  These ideas are great for long term storage.  For quick access safety, check these options out….



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