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Empty Chamber Carry? The Debate Continues

Many people choose to carry with a full magazine but an empty chamber, especially those who are new to conceal carry, or those with children around.  They argue that this way is safer plus it prevents accidents.

Empty Chamber Carry?  The Debate Continues

But here’s more evidence that this is not the wisest way to carry your firearm.  There are different ways to practice gun safety. There are even certain features per firearm that are designed to prevent accidents.  Be smart and be safe. The reality lies in offsetting your safety plan with a real time scenario of life and death defense.  Listen to the compelling explanation on the next page.




  • I will never carry empty chamber. as he states it make your weapon slow and almost useless. My answer has been to only carry double/single action semi auto pistols with a hammer and safety. they are safe to carry with one in the chamber. when you draw, all you have to do is flip the safety. which if you chose a weapon that fits your hand and do a little practice should be fast and instinctual. then at that point your first shot works as if you had a revolver in your hand. which again should be practiced as it takes a longer trigger pull than standard semi autos. after the first shot the hammer is cocked and fires as any other semi auto. and many newer ones are even equipped with a decocker.

  • You have come to exactly the wrong conclusion
    The difference was only 0.8 seconds between the 2 methods
    I carry my gun every day and I handle it every morning and evening
    I have kids, and although they have been taught not to handle a gun, a friend might be visiting.
    A gun with an empty chamber cannot go off
    And can be brought to bear in 2.75 seconds
    I accept the 0.8 second delay and the need to use two hands for the added safety of never having a negligent discharge

  • So much mechanically has to happen perfectly, every time the slide is racked. Most new
    semi autos are reliable, but is your life worth banking on nothing mechanical going wrong?
    Would rather carry a da/sa like a Sig! Hammer down, little longer trigger pull, first round
    already chambered!

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