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Bullet Proof Titanium: Internet Fact or Fiction?

Once again, the folks at Demolition Ranch are as entertaining as they are informative.  They are like the Myth Busters of the gun world. And today they dispel one important myth about titanium right off the bat. But it has nothing to do with shooting.  Can you guess what it is? Next they find out whether or not titanium is bullet proof.

Bullet Proof Titanium: Internet Fact or Fiction?

titanium-crystal-Alchemist-hp-Wiki-640px-Titan-crystal_barThis lightweight and yet extremely strong metal has a reputation for several properties.  One is that it is so light it can float, but the most prominent reputation is that it is bullet proof.   Bullet proof titanium?  True or false? well like most things, the answer is “it depends.” The guys at Demolition Ranch are having entirely too much fun testing the supposedly bulletproof titanium plate.  Watch the video to the end.  Some of those last rounds are great!!!



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