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Best Friends Forever – A Man and His Gun

Can you imagine the sound of glass breaking as a man with an axe tries to enter this 92 year old man’s home? Fearful. Startled. Shaken.  None of those words even come close to describing the quick-to-his-feet response.  The years didn’t stop him either.

Best Friends Forever – A Man and His Gun

The years of military training and fortitude resounded as WWII Veteran Joe Milspa sprang into action. This intruder may have thought he was going in for an easy target, entering the home of an elderly 92 year old, but Milspa, by his actions soon made him think again! You’ll find yourself cheering louder than you used to at the Super Bowl for this success story.

When a would be thief armed with an axe tried to enter the home of WWII Veteran Joe Milspa, he had no idea that he would encounter this!

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Milspa grabbed his trusty 1911 pistol and began shooting.  He’s had this gun for many years, and still trains at the shooting range, just to stay in practice. His military training and his faithful firearm probably saved his life!

Here’s a full descriptive run down on this most reliable piece…the 1911….and why others call it their best friend forever, too.

Watch the video now.

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