Saving Destinies

Another Hero Prevents Female Doctor’s Kidnapping

When times are ugly and dark all around the world, well that’s just the time when true heroes say, “enough”, and prepare their mind and bodies to do what’s necessary to save lives. This is an incredible act of bravery but that’s not all.

Another Hero Prevents Female Doctor’s Kidnapping

They look like an ordinary couple coming in the store to withdraw some money at the ATM. Find out what this convenient store clerk had to do in order to save this woman from her captor.



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  • there is no evidence that a CCW hodler could have prevented such an act because EVERY mass shooting happens in a place that a lawful citizen cannot legally carry their gun… and if you think that a mall guard that makes $8 a hour is going to charge head long into a shooting, you are really smoking some good stuff…the only chance to stop a situation like that comes from one of the victims taking a stand. and if those victims are unarmed against a person with a rifle, they cannot make much of a stand.

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