Saving Destinies

American Dependency Can Be Refocused This Way

Winning people struggle through different challenges daily but when their focus is on being their best for the team, the unit, the family, the school, any group larger than themselves, they achieve a greater purpose for all.  Their footprint makes a different.

What is the wrong with America? Isn’t that the question of the hour? Dr. Ben Carson succinctly shares his straightforward pitch and nails the issues right on point. He’s stated clearly in other interviews we start changing things by first stopping the excuses and calling things as they truly are: a. rioting and looting is criminal behavior and should be treated as such b. police trying to be politically correct more than dealing with the situation due to rise in citizen criticism.

American Dependency Can Be Refocused This Way

Parents, instead of telling their kids how horrible the police are out there, they can help kids by saying there is a way to behave in civilized society. Civilized behavior does not include going into stores, stealing things and pushing the clerks around.

Here more of what Dr Carson has to say about the “Black Lives Matter” campaign and what a better focus would do for American society today.



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