Saving Destinies

A Robbery Attempt While Unloading Groceries Thwarted With These Excellent Moves

The evening may have started out like any other in the quiet Temple Terrace community.  But for one Florida man, it was a night to be remembered.  As he returned from a late night run to the  grocery store, his ‘normal’ was changed for ever.  His actions surprised the would be armed robbers.

The entire neighborhood knew something was happening because they could hear the unusual activity.  When Luis Enrique Alonso reported the incident to the police, shots had already been fired.  Police responded with helicopters and sirens, but by then, Alonso had escaped and the suspects were on the run.

One key thing he did was put distance away from him and the perps before drawing and firing his own gun. This was an excellent maneuver but there was another move he made that police frowned upon; however, he was alive to tell about it.

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