Saving Destinies

A Mother, Her Son, A Gun and Crystal Meth – What a Tragedy…

Get ready for a heart breaker here.  I’m a mom and I’ve buried a son so I know a little of what Victoria is going through.  Yet her attitude toward the neighbor that came to her aid and pulled the trigger carries a character of justice and honor very few ever witness.

A Mother, Her Son, A Gun and Crystal Meth – What a Tragedy… 

There’s more to the story that Victoria warns other parents with kids who have fallen prey to crystal meth.


To see the full version interview with Victoria and the warnings she gives other parents, please go here:

Realizing that tragedies can often paralyze people from processing and valuing the right things, we wanted to take a moment to commend Victoria for her ability to piece together the full picture of her family tragedy as a great example to us all.

There are so many instances when people choose rather to blame this or that or this law or this instrument or even this person for the awful things that happen in life.  However, Victoria chose to bear the truth in mind about her son, take responsibility and relieve the neighbor that so bravely came to her rescue.

There are so many moments in this particular scenario that each of us would admit we could’ve become paralyzed and did nothing.  Just looking at the crime in motion was enough to stop anyone in their tracks.  But the neighbor showed bravery as well as Victoria because when it was all said and done, the threat was stopped and Victoria’s life was spared.

Our prayers are with you, Victoria!

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