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4 Defense Tips For Movie Theater Active Shooter

When law enforcement arrive, even if the shooter is not subdued, call out. Make sure to inform police of your numbers and your disposition. As dangerous as this sounds, law enforcement’s entrance onto this sort of environment is going to be hectic and they need to be able to identify you as soon as possible. Follow all lawful commands and prepare to turn over your firearm during the investigation.

Try to always do the least amount of harm as possible and always try to work with first responders. You do not need to necessarily cooperate or coordinate with other concealed carriers. You’re free to attend to your own safety.

Now, the big step here is PRACTICING communicating LOUDLY across a room in the midst of gunfire.  This is no joke.  I’m a very soft spoken person.  It wasn’t until my sons were toddlers did I find a voice strong enough they knew I meant business and to stop what they were doing – especially if it would injure them.  After they grew up, I lost my “authoritative” voice again until I went through self defense training.  You may think it to be a small thing but it’s imperative that you know when that time comes to raise your voice, be heard, and let the police know your location and that you are licensed civilian carrying a firearm.

Be safe out there!

We give a great big “Thank you” to The Truth About Guns for these great tips.

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