Saving Destinies

3 Smart Moves Saved This 13 Year From Home Attacker

The smarter ones were:

  • the parents who installed multiple angled surveillance cameras inside their home
  • the parents who empowered their daughter in self defense tactics
  • the teen who didn’t hesitate to fight back

The dumber one was:

  • the guy who picked the wrong girl
  • the guy who failed to avoid the cameras

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This Little Defense Tool Helps When A Gun Will Not

Just having this little defense tool in my hand and ready at all times averted a hefty men sizing me up & down with his eyes. But I also discovered this tool is good for water emergencies as well.

Human Trafficking

  Did you know . . . There are more slaves in the world today than at any other point in human history.  More than 27 million people are trapped in bondage. Human trafficking is the second largest criminal industry, exploiting men, women, and children against their will for manual and sexual labor. An estimated […]