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3 Smart Moves Saved This 13 Year From Home Attacker

“Bigger, stronger, smarter…”  That’s how the would be attacker wanted his 13 year old victim to think.  Smarter?  You’ll find out exactly who the smarter one was in this particular scenario.

3 Smart Moves Saved This 13 Year From Home Attacker

This guy stalks and follows this young teen home. As she’s trying to quickly close the front door he uses brute force to push his way inside the home. Within seconds the teen girl had a different situation to handle than simply running from a potential problem.  Her problem was facing her squarely and her life depended on what she did next. What happens is astounding both to those of us watching now and, no doubt, to the perpetrator himself.

We send our congratulations and best regards to her and her family who, without question, empowered her with both a survival mentality coupled with a self defense plan.

If you have teenage daughters, take every precaution now and sit down with them to watch this video to see how this teenager conducted herself to get the upper hand against this criminal.

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