Saving Destinies

2 Hero Gun Owners Saved Lives This Way

But this action, though heroic, has reopened the long standing debate between the advocates of open carry and the proponents of concealed carry.

“This robbery would also seem to show what most defensive firearms instructors already agree upon; concealed carry is tactically superior to open carry, as it gives the concealed carrier the advantage of deciding when to make the presence of a firearm known, to their advantage.”

By reading the comments following the article at, you can see how hotly contested the comment “concealed carry is tactically superior to open carry,” really is.

Here at Moms & Guns, we teach our ladies to always carry concealed for the obvious tactical reasons but also because the criminal mind seeing a lone woman open carrying would propose a challenge irresistible to some criminal minds and she would, for certain, be the first target to subdue or kill.

Decisive Action

Regardless where you stand on the issue, we can all agree that the decisive action taken by the two heroes was appreciated by the owner and patrons of the barber shop.

We’re not told whether these two gentlemen knew each other or not; only that they simultaneously began firing off rounds toward the criminals.  First, gun controllers would have you believe that trained, law-abiding citizens would never be able to recognize what direction to fire mistakenly shooting an innocent bystander. Well, these were masked men so it was easy for them to tell in this case.  Second, the reality liberals just don’t get is that when terror hits people scram in the opposite direction, if possible, making it really easy to shoot down range toward the aggressors coming at you.

It’s always sad to see that there are some who have chosen a life of crime as their way of life.  And though we do not know what may have brought them to this place, we do know that everyday, law-abiding citizens should feel safe when going about their daily lives.  A simple trip to the barber shop should not be something to be feared.

These two heroes exercised their right to bear arms. By going through the proper procedure, training and licensing, U.S. citizens still have a right to protect themselves, their homes, their families and friends.  One thing is for sure; properly trained and licensed gun owners save lives. We appreciate the  discipline of these two men and countless others like them who exercise the due diligence to train and become licensed gun owners.

“Thank you” to our friends at Bearing Arms for bringing us this great success story today.

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