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1 Minute Exercise Routine to Enhance Family Defense


Being somewhat physically fit is a major part of preparing for family tactical options during an emergency, especially a home invasion.  If you sit all day at work and then sit in the evening to watch TV, your body can take on a sedentary disposition that might not cooperate with your need to move quickly during a high stress situation.  This could be life threatening to your whole family, especially if you’re the main defender with the handgun.

1 Minute Exercise Routine to Enhance Family Defense

Young parents don’t have this problem as much as the grandparents but even young moms need a way to exercise each day that strengthens different parts of their body – not just one or two parts due to running after the kids or lifting a toddler from time to time.

Here are some great attitudes to take when it comes to physical fitness and then an exceptional option for moms and dads alike to be able to exercise 1 minute per day every day and strengthen every part of your body.



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