Responsible Gun Ownership

You hear of someone helpless being shot during a home invasion, robbery or caught in the crossfire of an altercation in public all the time. No matter the circumstance, it certainly can make you feel uneasy about your own safety. This is why many today choose to own a gun for personal safety. Do you believe you are safer owning a gun?

Responsible Gun Ownership

Responsible Gun OwnershipMany believe this to be true. However, simply owning a gun is not going to keep you safe. You need to know how to properly store and use a gun, especially if young children are around. Moms and Guns believes that every safely defended home starts with proper gun handling and training. We also know that proper secure storage of the gun can greatly decrease the chances for unwanted accidents.

Scenarios of Guns and Intruders

Author James E. Causey writes in his article that illustrates a gun cannot simply make your home safer. Responsible gun ownership is the key to keeping you and your family safe against danger. He writes that:

 “Nearly half of today’s American gun owners report that their main reason for having a gun is protection. Fewer than one-third own a gun for hunting. This is remarkably different from the late 1990s when nearly half of gun owners kept guns mainly for hunting. In 1999, only one-quarter cited protection as their most important reason, according to the Pew Research Center.”

 Upon meeting with a group discussion on gun violence and laws where he expressed his opinion on owning a gun for home security, the group gave him several scenarios in which simply owning a gun could turn out badly for the gun owner and the intruder.

 “In the first scenario: A burglar breaks in, and an armed homeowner confronts an unarmed intruder. In the second scenario, both the homeowner and the intruder are armed and in the last scenario, an unarmed homeowner confronts an armed burglar.

Assuming that you can get to your weapon in time, confronting an unarmed burglar can end several ways, with the best scenario being that the homeowner scares off the would-be thief. The worst-case scenario — and most likely, according to research — is that the gun is used against the owner.” Read more

When gun owners hear statistics that work against them in a scenario with an intruder, they get nervous. There is an approximate 50% chance that during an altercation, you will have your gun taken away from you. What do you think will happen if the intruder gets the gun from you? It’s probably not going to end well. So how can you make sure that doesn’t happen?

Responsible Gun Use Statistics

Stats Source Found Here

Vital Gun Handling and Training

There are ways to be safe when you own a gun and prevent the “bad guy” from getting the gun from you and the situation getting out of your control. Remember, as a smart gun owner, you will have other early warning systems in place that give you time to position yourself against the intruder. For instance, a dog barking, or alarm system, or outside motion sensors covering the perimeter of your home. This could simply mean you would be 8-12 feet away from the intruder when you give a verbal warning before firing off a shot.  The intruder(s) will probably run at the sight of your gun if not immediately following the first shot. So think about it, you will have a strong grip on your gun and 8-12 feet away prevents any intruder from rushing and grabbing it out of your hand before you have strategically responded by firing a shot. So unless you just freeze on the spot, it’s unlikely an intruder with grab your gun away from you. But how do you grip a gun properly and prevent “freezing”?

Gun handling and training is a major part of responsible gun ownership and also key to preventing a criminal or innocent persons access to your gun.  Learning to use a gun properly and skillfully involves knowing the laws of your state and your rights to defend your family and property against criminal activity. Safety, storage and precision shooting are all parts of gun basic training.  Being a responsible gun owner requires you learn not just gun basics but become alert and quick to determine when and when not to shoot.  You must be prepared to live with the long term consequences of your decisive act. Taking a life is never the focus of law-abiding citizen but protecting your families’ lives takes training and skill.  A Concealed Carry class is a good beginning place that provides you a permit to carry outside your home, but not in all public places.  So I could go against the law when carrying concealed into certain public places even though I have a legal permit to carry? Training answers these and many more questions about responsible gun ownership.

Another tip is deciding to carry your gun safely holstered on your body because it ensures you know where the gun is at all times. This way, you know your children do not have access to the loaded gun. You can keep your other guns unloaded and locked away. If you do encounter a problem and need to use your gun, you will not have to fumble around with a safe combination during a stressful situation. Instead, you can merely reach for your hand gun on your person. But how do I draw a gun from a holster safely?  Great question! A local Conceal Carry Class will answer a lot of your questions about becoming a responsible gun owner.

Conceal Carry Classes A Must for Responsible Gun Ownership

During your Conceal Carry permit class, you will learn the basics of gun handling plus gain knowledge of how to handle certain situations should they arise. The ideal situation would be for you to call out and let them know you are armed and that you will shoot if they do not leave your property. Then, by carefully but quickly looking at the intruder, you can make split second decisions based on what the person is doing, wearing or holding at the time. If an intruder proceeds to break into your home, then you know they’ve clearly made a decision to unlawfully enter your home with the danger of meeting their own consequences. If they have a weapon in hand you should fear for your life and your family’s safety. Do whatever is necessary to stop the threat to your family. As a law-abiding citizen you have the right to protect your family. Following the guidelines taught in your state’s Conceal Carry and self defense classes will ensure you will be safer owning a gun.

Here’s some advice for the state of New Mexico.


If you’re in the St Louis, Missouri, area and are looking for a Conceal Carry class for women by women, you can read about Moms and Guns class schedule options by CLICKING HERE.  Our conceal carry classes are interactive and deal with issues pertaining to women gun owners.  Moms and Guns takes special care in helping women choose a firearm that best suits them ergonomically to minimize recoil so they’ll practice frequently and become proficient and accurate in self defense.  Our multiple class scheduling options provides for classroom material retention, range time qualification and successful certification toward applying for a conceal carry permit with your local Sheriff’s office.  Make it a priority to enroll soon for your Conceal Carry Class so you, too, can embrace responsible gun ownership; consequently, feeling safer owning a gun.

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