Questions And Answers On Moms And Guns 2

Questions and Answers by Moms & GunsMoms and Guns is throwing it out there to open up and answer questions you may have about anything pertaining to guns and home defense but even more about training your children to become situationally aware and protected from harm’s way.  So bring it on, folks!  Write your questions in the comment box below and we’ll get it posted with an answer as soon as possible.  If we don’t have a ready answer, we’ll research and get you a quality answer so you can make the best decisions for you and your family.

Questions And Answers On Moms And Guns 2

Alana asks…

What’s a safe method to keep 1 loaded handgun at home for self-defense while keeping from child?

Basically, I currently keep my weapons stored locked up and off site. I want to bring 1 handgun home for self-defense, but I absolutely don’t want my kid to ever be able to gain access to it.

It should be a way that I can access the gun fairly quickly (10 or 15 seconds?), but otherwise is very secure.

Can you give me a recommendation. If it’s a product, a link would be great.


Questions And Answers On Moms And Guns

Rebecca answers:

For home defense, 10-15 seconds might take too long when a surprise attack is in progress, especially without early warning systems already in place and operative in your home.  I use the kangaroo holster or the t-shirt shoulder holster to carry around the house fully loaded.  It’s on my body at all times even when children are around so I KNOW where it is and they can’t find or touch it without me knowing about it!  All other guns are unloaded and locked away from access by anyone – completely out of sight.

Keeping the complete concept of handguns and home defense away from the children is impractical and almost always sparks a child’s natural curiosity.  To expel their curiosity you can give them quality time with you to show them the UNloaded gun telling them they can touch it only when they ask and you are right there with them.  I also suggest our Keeping Kids Safe book that helps develop situational awareness in you and your children for home protection with games and activities you can do together to instill your family plan together in case of a home emergency or invasion.

Gun Vault is one option for nighttime sleeping safety.  I have one of these, and the chamber of my gun is kept empty when my grandchildren sleeping over – just in case.  I do have extra mags in the vault too and a good flashlight. 


Chris asks…

Where can I buy an affordable gun for self defense in Milwaukee?

I am looking for any stores in Milwaukee, WI that sell cheap guns that can be used for home defense. I don’t care what it is so long as it gets the job done and is under $500. Thank you in advance for your help.

Questions And Answers On Moms And Guns

Rebecca answers:

There are a lot of  gun stores with different varieties, styles and information on their favorite brand. I have ordered from a site that has a lot of defense options to choose from. Cell phone stun guns, stun pens and more. Please see the link below for reference. I got the pink stun pen until I was ready (through training and researching) to purchase my firearm. =)

THE SPY SPOT – Streetwise 2.5 Million Volt Lightning Rod Rechargeable Stun Pen w/LED Light & Holster (Pink) – LIFETIME WARRANTY

For a personal firearm, I’d enroll in a Concealed Carry Class to learn how and where to select the right handgun for you.  Everyone is different and this question should be given the proper time and research before spending.  $500 is not an unreasonable budget to get a good personal firearm for self defense purposes.

David asks…

Why would you defend yourself with birdshot?

I’ve asked a question a few weeks asking will bird shot be okay for home defense. I later learned from a site called the box of truth, that bird shot will not penetrate deep enough to kill. I still hear people saying “use bird shot”, “use buck shot”. So basically I just want to know your opinion. Are you someone who thinks more about over penetration. I feel i dont want to give the intruder room to be able to shoot back. So for anyone who uses bird shot. Do you really feel its a reasonable trade off between buckshot and bird shot?

Questions And Answers On Moms And Guns

Rebecca answers:

People will argue on this forever. But I think small light shot does not penetrate deep enough but larger bird shot can. My family hunted in Texas when I was a kid. They had slugs for any buck we might see and high base #4 lead nitro express magnum 12 ga shells for ducks or small game. Up pops this nice young buck and my brother fired quickly, too quickly, he forget that Nitro express #4 shot was in there. Well the buck was only 30 feet from me and he was aiming for its head thinking he had a slug. The deer went down got up and ran about 60 feet and fell dead as a doornail. When they cleaned it out there was #4 lead in its brain, between the spinal vertebras in its neck, through its jugular vein and its wind pipe. Average penetration was about 3 to 4 inches. Now consider how close your heart is to your chest or your brain behind the eyes. I have no doubt that a #4 lead bird shot at room distance will stop an intruder. But just like that deer its possible after they go down they could get back up and shoot you unless you’re smart enough to have another round ready. But if that buck went down like that at 60 feet I would bet that at half that distance or less he very well may never get up if he’s hit in the right place. So if #4 lead bird shot can do that then what about #2 lead shot that’s larger and heaver?  Many have made one shot kills on coyotes with #2 lead bird shot under 40 yards. At room distance I think that would end the carrier of that burglar.

As for advising someone I would suggest #4 lead buckshot. Its about .24 caliber, so that’s like getting hit with a bunch of .25 auto at once with maybe a bit more energy. And yet some say that’s marginal. I disagree if inside a room but if your in a big parking lot and some one is shooting at you then maybe they are right.

That’s my 2 cents. And as for combat they are indeed right! I will depend on 00 or 000 buckshot. I don’t play nice with bad guys and that’s my bottom line.

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8 thoughts on “Questions And Answers On Moms And Guns 2

  1. Eliza

    Do you have an updated factual article using the 7 reasons why gun control won’t work? There have been a few more shootings since that article, and I would like to share …tired of seeing the moms against guns posted all the time after ever single shooting..Need something for the liberals who have blinders and can’t see past a tragedy…what we would have without the 2nd amendment..they are having a March soon and post their website constantly..

    1. Rebecca Alderman Post author

      Eliza, I hope this finds you well today. While there are no ‘studies’ being conducted recently and the prior ‘study commissioned by Obama’ is not being acknowledged, we can always look to history of other nations living without our 2nd Amendment to review their losses and criminal activity in contrast to Switzerland who requires every citizen to bear arms and even offers an annual training with the government supplying all the ammunition. Consequently, they have very little to no criminal activity because criminals do not want to die. Criminals simply desire to control, threaten and destroy, if necessary, to maintain their threats and control. Liberals seemingly want to control the criminal but with a nieve hand to arms combat. We know their mentality does not save lives. We have to decide to what lengths we are personally willing to stand and protect our God-given right to protect our families and the Constitutional acknowledgment of that right to bear arms. I hope this helps….let me know if I can be of any other assistance to you. You might like to see what Action….

  2. xteeth

    .The most likely thing to have happen in your home if you have a firearm there is the injury of you or one of your family members. The odds are really bad. Originally, 43 to 1 by Kellerman. So what if it is only 20 to 1. As fearful as you are, still the most likely event is you or yours getting injured. A really bad bet.

    1. Rebecca Alderman Post author

      I totally disagree xteeth. Trained and responsible gun owners are less fearful and more likely to prevent injuries than the few stories that bombard society through media channels. The key is ongoing training for all members of the family. That’s why we exist to help families do just that. The bottom line – we have the God-given right to protect ourselves and our families and there are ways to maintain safety. It’s a matter of education not cowarding to the ‘odds’.

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