While Walking His Dog He Begs For His Life

What went wrong?  A white male is out in his neighborhood walking his dog one moment and the next, he’s begging for his life.  James Patrick Stuhlman begged, “Don’t shoot.”  He wasn’t ready to die that day.  Yet three young boys decided to be criminals and take a life and for what?

What possibly could have been their motive?  Did they need money? Or were they just out for a television re-enactment thrill? The video tells exactly what the boys were thinking when they came upon Mr. Stuhlman.

While Walking His Dog He Begs For His Life

Furthermore, where’s the mainstream media covering this outrage?  Why aren’t they speaking up now?  In Ferguson the chant, “Black lives matter.”  But no one chants for Mr. Stuhlman, “White lives matter.”

What went wrong? 

This innocent man never thought he’d be a victim of murder while out walking his dog one day.  Did he prepare?  Did he leave his personal protection tool at home?  Or did he think he’d never need

This is one of those stories that makes you stop to think about what you’d do if you found yourself in a similar situation.  Interviews with criminals in prison tell us that they would not have deterred from their decision to kill because of a conversation with the victim.  But these weren’t hardened criminals behind bars.  They were teenagers.

What went right?

It seems the parents of one of the boys stepped up and helped police find him to be arrested.  Though I know it must be hard for any parent to have to do such a thing, it reveals the character of their family – that they valued life and denounced murder.  It is so sad and even though justice soothes the pain, it will never bring Mr. Stuhlman back to life. Our prayers go out to all the families involved.

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