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Defining EVIL

Society thinks of evil as materializing in these ways:

  • Dark figures that lunge out at you on horror movies.
  • Tragic killings you read/hear about in the daily news media.
  • The domestic disturbance turned tragic.

Evil has evolved into new modes of operation. There’s evil in our neighborhoods abducting children in broad daylight.  There’s evil in our streets at night enslaving people into human trafficking operations of prostitution. Today we’re going to talk about another evil that our families must join the White House Administration, our military and local police in fighting successfully – together.

Evil equals a group of “sick, demented, sneaky rats who call themselves ISIS,” says President Trump.  You gotta love his clear verbiage and passion against such a heinous bunch of criminals. ISIS is still radicalizing our young adults living in the United States via the internet.  Families can not afford to turn an ignorant eye to the real dangers we face.  We do not live in fear but we do prepare our families, even our children, to work together as a team stopping threats.

Appearance of EVIL

President Trump pointed out previous wars fought by our U.S. trained military clearly identifiable by their uniform on the soil of other countries. Detectable enemies also wore identifiable uniforms.  ISIS sneaks around with weapons to annihilate innocent, private citizens in public places.

Living in fear is NOT an option but living in a personal defense, awareness mode is very attainable with training.  In a sense, we help our military and Administration when we confidently learn to defend ourselves. Other words, we can not expect the White House, our military or local police to secure our individual homes.

Dealing with EVIL

“If two men came into your home to abduct your child”, what would you do, asks Hannity. “One man gets away with your child”, Hannity continues,  “but you have captured the other man. Is there anything you wouldn’t do to find out the location of your child from this criminal?”  Of course, the topic here was ‘waterboarding’ criminals to secure vital life and death information.  President Trump clearly stated that ‘waterboarding’, in his belief, was not equal to torture.

Now before you send us hate mail – stop to think for a moment the difference between torture and waterboarding.  Torture injures, dismembers, and traumatizes bodies,  if the person lives through it at all.  Waterboarding is different to torture in that bodies are left in tact except for the memory and/or fact they gave up desired information. Previous military dealings with the enemy documented waterboarding as being very successfully. In Moms & Guns opinion, waterboarding is not as lethal as the necessary personal protection tool(s) chosen by families to stop threats. Let that sink in for a moment.

Comparing Types of EVIL

ISIS is a group of sick, demented, sneaky rats who do not wear uniforms to alert you they are in your vicinity. ISIS blends in with your friends and uses surprise methods to kill the innocent they deem unworthy to live.  Home invasion criminals break in, day or night, in groups of 3 or more with the intent on torture and murder. In contrast, burglars steal  in the daytime leaving with their faces still masked.  In contrast, ISIS, home invaders and burglars, not to mention the criminals released from Federal Prisons recently, all have different ways of conducting their evil affairs. Knowing the difference could save your life.

This is why we must maintain our own family defense and training consistently.

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