The Perfect Glock – 5 Addons & Installation

The truth is there is no “perfect” handgun that will suit everyone’s needs for every situation imaginable.  However, you can always start with the basics such as, “does the gun fit your hand ergonomically” so if you point your arm straight, the firearm will shoot toward the intended target without crooking to the left or right?  If you find a handgun that fits almost perfect and you love the feel of it but there’s still something just not right, you can always check out a Hoague grip to fill in your hands causing your fingers to wrap around the grip for that perfect fit.  The key is making sure the pad of your trigger finger lies perfectly on the trigger.

The Perfect Glock – 5 Addons & Installation

That said, as you get used to shooting your new glock, here are 5 addons plus how to install them that will make your shooting experience even better.



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