UPDATE IMAGE Chris Kyle: The Insanity Defense Did Not Work This Time



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The insanity defense always seems to be the first strategy admitted in a murder trial especially when there’s more than one victim but this time – it didn’t stick.  Justice was done! Why did the jury come to their decision?

During the two-week trial, the defense team tried to convince the jury that mental illness and post-traumatic stress disorder triggered ex-Marine Eddie Ray Routh to turn on ‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield.

They maintain that Routh waited for Kyle to run out of bullets, then surprised both men by shooting them in the back multiple times. Prosecutor Jane Starnes described Routh as cold and said he took a commemorative handgun belonging to the former SEAL.

“That’s the one that had the Navy insignia on it,” Starnes told the jury. “He took that one because it was a trophy.”

Routh fled in Kyle’s Ford truck and drove more than 100 miles back to the Dallas area where he picked up his dog, told his sister that he was headed to Oklahoma, purchased burritos at Taco Bell and eventually surrendered following a high-speed chase with police.

Routh’s calculated shooting and getaway simply didn’t not add up to being legally insane.

Check out the latest Yahoo News details on this famous trial in Erath County, Texas.

In Memorial, here is the trailer for the “American Sniper” movie telling Chris Kyle’s story when he was in Iraq.  The movie is taken from his previously published book entitled, “American Sniper”.

Our prayers continually go up for the family and friends close to Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield.






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