UPDATE: Suspected Boko Haram Terrorist Groups Strikes Again


Who are the bomber individuals who carried out these coordinated terrorist attacks in Nigeria?  How were they recruited?  Why is it important for us to understand their methods for initiating these attacks?

UPDATE: Boko Haram claim to have formally joined forces with Isis.



Suspected Boko Haram bombers killed at least 54 people and wounded 143 in a series of bloody suicide attacks Saturday in Maiduguri, Nigeria.

The blasts occurred over four hours in locations from a busy fish market to a crowded bus station in the city, which is located in the northeast region of the country, Police Commissioner Element Adoda said.

The deadliest blast occurred at the bustling Baga fish market, where at least 18 people were killed after a suicide bomber blew himself up in a rickshaw taxi near the entrance.

The BBC quoted a witness as saying two female suicide bomber detonated devices at a security gate leading to the Monday Market. The BBC also reported that a teenager blew himself up at the bus station before security officials could stop him.

A fifth explosion shook a military checkpoint 50 miles outside the city. A soldier and two members of a civilian self-defense unit were wounded. The bomber apparently wanted to reach Maiduguri, said a police officer at the scene.

Although no one immediately claimed responsibility for the attacks, they bore the hallmarks of Boko Haram.

Find out more about this horrific tragedy from our friends over at Fox News.

Notice the females and one teen mentioned as being the individual bombers walking into these separate locations to kill and destroy innocent lives.  The full article reveals all the locations hit by this coordinated terrorist attack.  Knowing the type people susceptible for recruitment, brainwashing and controlled promises to go through with such evil will bring us a step closer to preventing such recruitment in our own country and communities.  Knowing the places targeted for such attacks help understand the evil behind such acts.

What are the behavioral patterns and signs of brainwashing and controlled cult practices? More on this topic in a later article on Moms & Guns Blog.


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